true crime

I Was on an Executioner's Hit List

After two prosecutors were gunned down in cold blood, Erleigh Wiley was named the new DA in a panicked suburban Dallas county. Turned out she was a target, too.
Seth Ferranti
Life Inside

I Deliver Bad News to Victims of Horrible Crimes

One of the worst parts about being a prosecutor is telling victims their attacker's conviction got overturned—or that a family member is dead.
Jean Peters Baker

Prosecutors Are Quietly Helping Protect Immigrants from Trump

These DAs are trying to avoid slapping immigrants with criminal charges that could eventually get them deported.
Christie Thompson

Why Cops Don't Get Charged with Crimes When They Lie

Even when police cross the "blue wall of silence" and tell on fellow officers who beat suspects and lie about it, some prosecutors don't know or don't care.
Daniel Denvir

These Prosecutors Campaigned for Less Jail Time and Won

Reform advocates on the left and right saw the races as proof that the politics of criminal justice are in flux—and they should stay that way, despite Trump's win.
Maurice Chammah

What the Next Freddie Gray Trial Means for American Cops and Prosecutors

The trial beginning Thursday represents the best shot at a conviction over the 25-year-old's death.
Annalies Winny
Life Inside

The Bogus Murder Confession That Changed How I Investigate Family Violence

A Texas prosecutor revisits the domestic abuse case he'll never forget.
Staley Heatly
Life Inside

A Prosecutor’s Regret: How I Sentenced Someone to Life in Prison for Selling Drugs

We caught him selling a small amount of crack: only 57 grams. I became convinced that a life sentence for drug charges is too extreme.
John Lovell, as told to Alysia Santo
The Prison Issue

Do Prosecutors Care More About Convictions Than Executing the Right Person?

In 2001, 20-year-old Marlon Howell was found guilty in a racially-charged murder trial that shook New Albany, Mississippi. Fourteen years later, he continues to maintain his innocence.
Spencer Woodman
The Prison Issue

How to Repair the Criminal Justice System

We talked to leaders and activists spearheading prison reform to find out what we can do to fix our broken penal system.
Various Authors

The Strange Relationship Between Politics, Prosecutors, and Police Shootings

The United States is alone in the world in electing its prosecutors, but how should officials handle the rage and resentment that boils over when police kill unarmed minorities?
Justin Glawe

Meet the Irish Catholic Priest Who Ministers to Inmates on Indonesia's Death Row

Father Charlie Burrows is often the last man people speak to before they face a firing squad.
Denham Sadler