The Anger, Chaos, and Broken Limos of the Inauguration Protests

We talk with 'HATE THY NEIGHBOUR' host Jamali Maddix about heading to DC and what to expect from his VICELAND show.


Chaos and 'New York Values' at Manhattan's Donald Trump Protest

The circus around Trump's appearance in Manhattan on Thursday proved that having "New York values" just means doing and saying whatever the fuck you want.


This Video of an Amped-Up Anti-Trump Protester Faceplanting Could Unite America

He yelled "I'm smoking pot!" and "Fuck you, you fat bitch!" before throwing himself onto the pavement, then insisting he did it on purpose because "it's all a fucking joke!"


Exclusive: See Shocking Footage of British Police Officers Attacking Peaceful Protesters

Protesters found not guilty of ABH and public disorder after CCTV footage emerges of police officers punching, kneeing and choking them.


A Massive Protest Brought Down Romania’s Government This Week

Romania's Prime Minister and Bucharest's Mayor have resigned as a result of a 25,000-person protest calling for better safety standards after a nightclub fire killed 32 and injured 134 people.


Abortion Access in the Maritimes

We investigate abortion access in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, two Canadian provinces with restricted access to abortions and conservative political climates.


I Went to an Edinburgh Conference to Find Out How Scotland Is Going to Get Fracked

The fracking industry is pretty confident about winning reluctant Scots over and dealing with any "hardcore" protesters.


We Attended Central Florida's First Legal Gay Marriage Ceremonies

Florida being Florida, the weddings featured matching white dresses, Sea World Discovery Cove proposal stories, and conservative protesters.


Performers in London's 'Racist' Human Zoo Exhibit Are Angry It's Been Shut Down

Activists demanding black people tell their own stories aren't letting black people tell their own stories.


Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine - Part 20

Demonstrators attempted to break into parliament in Kiev.


London's Ukrainian Ex-Pats Tried to Ambush an Oligarch

Three hundred of them held a street protest yesterday.


Bangkok Remains a City in Violent Crisis

Election day did nothing to quell the rage of anti-government protesters.