Psychoactive Substance Act of 2013


I Tried Every Legal High Left On the Market

And spent an afternoon snorting angina medication.


The Hangover News

This weekend one of the first jail terms for selling NOS was handed down, a pig ran around Ipswich to 'make friends' and more.


Tabloid Scare Stories About Drugs Actually Make People Buy More Drugs

When the tabloids write horror stories about drugs such as mephedrone or laughing gas, searches for how to buy those drugs go through the roof.


Will Anyone Actually Bother to Enforce the Laughing Gas Ban?

Now that NoS has officially been banned, will this be the summer it starts to disappear from the streets?


Some of the Everyday Stuff You Have in Your Home That's Illegal from Today

Activists opposed to the Psychoactive Substances Act have been encouraging people to call the police and ask them if what they're about to consume is illegal.


This Is the Last Day You'll Be Able to Buy Legal Highs

The Home Office has finally announced when it's going to start enforcing its blanket ban.


Turns Out Poppers Aren't Banned in the UK, Even Though Politicians Thought They Were

They're not being included in the Psychoactive Substances Act because, say the government's drug advisors, there's just no point.


Inside New Zealand's Synthetic Drug Scene

My path to addiction was typical, but living in NZ made it easier.