I Asked a Psychopath How to Stop Caring About Rejection

As Dr James Fallon says, "When I get rejected I feel bad for like negative-two seconds. I just don't give a shit."


Do Sociopaths Make Better Soldiers?

Though you might think people who could kill without remorse would make perfect fighters, in reality it can be difficult to make it as a soldier without a conscience.


William Burroughs, Gun Running and Psychopathy: Discovering the Grandfather I Never Knew I Had

Paul Lund was a serial womaniser, a career criminal and a friend of the Beats. He was also, as I recently found out, the father my mum never met.


Are You an Introvert, an Extrovert, or Just a Rude Prick?

Oh, aren't you just a precious little wallflower.


Roy Keane and Martin O'Neill Are Just What Irish Football Needs

Every international squad should have two managers: a sociopath and a philosopher.


Kayla Bourque – Vancouver's Cutest Psychopath – Is Now a Free Woman

She disemboweled her dog, killed her cat, dreams of murdering the homeless and is now back in society.