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The Arguments For and Against Alcohol Warning Labels

A new survey worked out which kind of warnings we respond best to, depending on our age.
David Hillier

Politician Wants to Ban Coca-Cola from Handing Out Free Drinks at Christmas

Liverpool councillor Richard Kemp has called Coca-Cola’s promotional Christmas truck tour a “cynical event” and “designed to increase the consumption of a product that is grossly unhealthy.”
Phoebe Hurst

A Meat Tax Is Probably a Good Idea

PETA has rolled out an unappetising idea: a meat tax. But when we dug into the details of their proposal, we found that it's more than just trolling.
Mike Pearl

On Set with the Woman Making Mormon Porn in Utah

On this episode of 'Slutever,' Karley Sciortino meets the woman creating lesbian Mormon porn in a state that's declared the medium a "public health crisis."
VICE Staff

The World Is Unprepared for the Next Big Virus Outbreak, Study Finds

Which is a problem, because infectious diseases are projected to become only more common.
Katherine Gillespie

Here’s Your Chance To Understand 3-D Printing Once and For All

A full look at the societal impact—from medical to creative to economic—of 3D-printing technology.
Diana Shi

MPs Blocked Minimum Alcohol Pricing in Wales and Doctors Aren’t Happy

MPs in Westminster have blocked the Welsh Government from setting a minimum 50p per unit price on alcoholic drinks.
Daisy Meager
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Your Commute Is Making You Eat 800 Extra Calories a Week

A new report from the Royal Society of Public Health has found that around a third of Brits report eating more junk food because of their journeys to and from work.
Daisy Meager

What Life Was Like on the Ground During the Ebola Crisis

We spoke with correspondent Danny Gold about the psychological effects of reporting on a deadly epidemic, and if the world will be better prepared for the next one.
Dory Carr-Harris

Is America Ready for Safe Injection Rooms?

As heroin use hits suburban white neighbourhoods hard, it's fair to wonder if the United States might soon follow the example set by Canada and some European countries by setting up safe spaces to get high.
Beth Schwartzapfel
High Wire

Can Addicts Finally Force the War on Drugs to End?

After decades of false starts, a legit political movement aimed at addressing addiction as a public health problem and led by those who are most affected by it may finally be taking shape.
Maia Szalavitz

I Rode Along with the San Francisco Police Department's Only Mental Health Liaison

For 15 years, San Francisco cops have had just one officer on the mental health beat, leaving her to conduct an uphill battle on the fringe of America's dire healthcare system.
Max Cherney