public space


England's 'Mind Control Tower' Is a Spiritual Reminder of War History

For the Estuary 2016 festival, artist Heidi Wigmore reclaims a military structure for the public.


Walk on Water at an Art Installation in an Italian Lake

The Floating Piers is legendary artist Christo's latest monumental project.


Artist Marjetica Potrč's 'The Invisible Lunch' Attempts to Reenvision Public Space

Fresh fruit and radical thoughts at the Slovenian-born artist's one-day installation at the New Museum's Ideas City Festival.


A Rainbow Power Plant Rises in Sweden

Bjarke Ingels Group releases their design for the city of Uppsala's new power plant.


Skip Traffic, Traverse Space and Time in a Roadside Mini-Universe

For one night in November, Loop.pH's inflatable recreation of the cosmos bloomed beneath the A13 flyover in England.


London's New 'Sky Garden' Is a Joke

The capital now has a literal playground for the rich. In the sky.


Public Swimming Pools Are Even More Disgusting Than You Thought

Not only are they filled with other peoples' sweat and pee, but a new study found that pool water contains traces of insect repellant, pharmaceutical drugs and other chemicals.


Judge Approves Christo's Controversial Arkansas River Installation

The Bureau of Land Management has greenlit Christo's $50 million 'Over the River' proposal, a work 20 years in the making,


The Shopping Centre Opposite Westfield Has Become a Weird 24-Hour Haven for London's Skate Subculture

Westfield can keep its late-night casinos. In its shadow is The Stratford Centre, a modest 90s shopping precinct that, by night, becomes home to not just the homeless, but an army of young skaters.


Cathedral Installation Turns Text Messaged Thoughts Into Shooting Stars

Filipe Vilas-Boas brings his latest project, "Shooting Thoughts," to the French Gothic church of Saint-Eustache, Paris.


Motherboard's FutureStructures Explores The Possibility Of An Underground Oasis In NYC

A deserted subway station could be turned into a sprawling subterranean park called the Lowline.