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The 'Subway Hands' Instagram Explores Our Strange Fascination with People Eating on the Train

"Eating on the subway requires a blend of self-sufficiency and shamelessness that I truly respect."


Artist Creates Simple, Beautiful Subway Maps for 100 Different Cities

Your morning commute doesn't have to be a complete eyesore.


Long Exposure Photos Turn Trains into Electric Ghosts

Public transportation in Budapest just gets lot more spectacular.


Rio's Olympic Legacy Bus System Is Leaving Poor and Working Class Residents Behind

The Bus Rapid Transit system installed for the Olympic games was supposed to help Rio residents get around town. Instead, it has helped isolate some of the city's poorer residents.


Lost And Found At The Rio Olympics

Taking the special Olympic buses while the rest of Rio deals with horrible traffic made me feel awful, so I took public transportation the rest of the day. And I got extremely lost several times.


Train Superfans Are Stopping Teens from Setting Fires on Subway Tracks

They are called "Railfans," and they are your new heroes.


This Fake Street Sign is a Public Art Masterpiece

Remembering the time Richard Ankrom installed his own street sign on the California freeway—and it lasted for eight years.


Los Angeles Sucked and Ruled in 2014

Their police weren't always as racist as usual, wealthy Westsiders were responsible for the whooping cough epidemic and the Lakers still suck.


Why Do People Keep Getting Pushed onto Tube Tracks?

In the wake of the terrifyingly random death of a man pushed in front of a train, some are wondering if more could be done to prevent transit-related fatalities in New York City.


Taipei Metro Installation Focuses On the Hidden Beauty Of First Encounters

"The Moment We Meet" by Hsin-Chien Huang focuses on the staring contests and chance meetings that go down during morning commutes.


Israel Is Testing A Levitating Monorail Designed To Replace Cars

The futuristic SkyTran magnetic monorail will build its first demonstrative model in Tel Aviv and the concept photos are pretty futuristic.