Puerto Rico

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Trump's Narcissism and Cowardice Are Making the Government Dysfunctional

The president's tweets about Puerto Rico show how he is corroding the institutions he's supposed to be running.
Harry Cheadle
Puerto Rico

Nine Months After Hurricane Maria, Congress Isn't Doing Much to Help

Advocates are demanding investigations, accountability and relief money, but little seems to be forthcoming.
Mark Hay

Photos of My Bipolar Father During His Last Days

"I took on the challenge of studying my father and his condition by photographing his daily endeavours."
Gabi Perez
Puerto Rico

A Deadly Hurricane Can't Stop Puerto Ricans from Partying

While many residents still lack power or running water, the nightlife in San Juan is keeping spirits up.
Victoria Leandra Hernández
Donald Trump

A Guide to the Stupid, Nasty Things Trump Has Said About Puerto Rico

"I think it's now acknowledged what a great job we've done, and people are looking at that."
Eve Peyser
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Here's a Video of Trump Chucking Paper Towels at Suffering Hurricane Victims

Like T-shirts at a baseball game.
VICE Staff
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Trump's Response to Puerto Rico Is Shameful

FEMA is delivering aid, and Trump has promised to visit. But as you might expect, the president is making a horrible situation worse with bizarre, defensive statements.
Eve Peyser

What Happens to Prison Inmates Caught in Hurricanes?

Texas prisoners say they went days without running water after Harvey.
Michael Patrick Welch

What You Should Know About Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico's debt crisis is rapidly becoming a disaster with real-world consequences, and unless Congress acts soon, it could get even worse.
Brian McManus

Cockfighting is Puerto Rico's Most Resilient Industry

Puerto Rico's economy has tanked, but that's barely made a dent on the lucrative cockfighting industry.
Meredith Hoffman

On the Front Lines of Puerto Rico's Movement to Legalise Marijuana

Puerto Rico is edging away from its notoriously harsh marijuana laws, and activist groups are leading the way.
Meredith Hoffman

Eight Things Worth the Same Amount as Candy Crush

King Digital Entertainment – the company behind Candy Crush – is being sold to Activision Blizzard for $5.9bn (£3.6bn). Here's what else you could buy with that cash.
Joe Goodman