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Jarvis Cocker and Bez’s ‘Bargain Hunt’ Special Was Perfectly Banal

Make two bands compete on a daytime British TV show about auctioning second-hand tat? It was as good as you'd expect, honestly.
Lauren O'Neill
Remembering Things

The Long Blondes Were British Rock’s Last Great Kitchen Sink Dramatists

In their tales of woe, lust and dual carriageways, the Sheffield band joined the ranks of Pulp and The Beautiful South, and nobody's touched them since.
Lauren O'Neill

This Bullshit World Was Predicted by Pulp's 'This Is Hardcore'

The Britpop icons' sixth album is dark, filthy, and essential for understanding modern life.
Andrea Domanick
New music

Feist Ventures to Uncharted Sonic and Mathematic Realms in Her New Song "Century"

Pulp's Jarvis Cocker does a monologue about numbers in this, so you know it's hype.
Phil Witmer
Deep Ass Questions

Are We All Destined to be British Dads Voting "Wonderwall" to the Top of Best Ever Song Surveys?

Radio X conducted a poll of the greatest British songs of all time, and the results are your local pub's jukebox.
Emma Garland

'Pulp Macabre': The Art of a Guy Who Used to Bring Severed Heads to the Bar

The art of Lee Brown Coye features the type of work that made fans of horror and science fiction fanzines drool—grisly worlds filled with ghouls, monsters, and morbid anatomy.
Zach Sokol

Retrospective Sexism: How Women Are Written out of British Indie Music History

Surprisingly, my experience and appreciation of British rock, indie and Britpop went further than manic hysteria or wanting to shag the lead singers.

YAK Will Rip You Up and Spit You Out on Their Latest Single "No"

Check out their debut LP, produced by Steve Mackey of Pulp.
Noisey Staff

Shit Pubs, 'Loaded' and the Gallagher Brothers: Chris Floyd Shot the Height of Britpop

I spoke to the photographer about Britpop's heyday.
Amelia Abraham

Watch Jarvis Cocker Go Through His Wardrobe in an Exclusive Clip from 'PULP: a Film about Life, Death & Supermarkets'

Exclusive footage from Florian Habicht's 'Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets,' in theaters today.
Emerson Rosenthal
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Jarvis Cocker Really Doesn't Like Chickens, and Nine Other Takeaways from his Pulp Documentary Q&A

He also talked about whether or not he'd write an erotic novel and the possibility of another Pulp reunion.
Marissa G. Muller

The Day I Took A Shit On the NME and Lost a Million Pound Record Deal

Here for the first time in the public domain is THAT video. We’re so sorry.