Q-Tip and Demi Lovato's Elton John Tribute Is a Funky Spin on a Classic

The duo take on "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" for the Elton covers album 'Revamp' with a vogue-heavy clip inspired by 'Paris Is Burning.'
Phil Witmer
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American Art Is Finally Taking Rap Seriously

The Kennedy Centre has named Q-Tip as the head of its new, long overdue Hip-Hop Culture Council.
Lawrence Burney

A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip Makes a Great Point About the Grammys

The Tribe Called Quest leader's frustrations about his group's snub from this year's rap categories are just part of the awards' history.
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A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: Q-Tip on the Brilliance of Lil Wayne

"He’s one of my favorites, as an MC, as a visionary—like, he’s just dope. He’s just so dope."
Kyle Kramer

A Tribe Called Quest’s Generation Is Now and Forever: A Conversation with Q-Tip

A Tribe Called Quest premieres the video for "Dis Generation," and Q-Tip explains the importance of art.
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A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: Renaissance Rap 2014

Speaking of Raekwon, how about that time Q-Tip and Busta Rhyme got Rae and Wayne on a song together?
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A Tribe Called Quest Might Have More Music on the Way

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Q-Tip hinted at more potential Tribe music.
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Q-Tip Speaks on Kanye West's Trump Comments: "It's Difficult Because I Love Him"

The esteemed rapper plans to speak to West about his controversial co-sign of the president-elect.
Sarah MacDonald

A Tribe Called Quest's Final Blessing

In a lifetime of looking forward to new music from Tribe, 'We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service' was an unexpected gift.
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Q-Tip Talks Donald Trump and America's Civil Unrest with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

On a press run to discuss A Tribe Called Quest's final album, Q-Tip addresses some of the country's biggest issues.
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A Tribe Called Quest's New Video Captures the Exact Mood of Right Now

The politically charged "We The People" now has a visually inspiring video depicting mass protests across America.
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Watch A Tribe Called Quest’s Furious and Flawless SNL Performance

“Stand up. Touch somebody next to you… We are all one.”
Alex Robert Ross