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Inside Scotland's New and Only LGBTQ+ Bookshop

We spoke to the founders of Category Is Books about being one of just two LGBTQ+ bookshops in the UK, and the importance of queer spaces that aren't fuelled by alcohol.


Lesbian Culture Has Had a Major Update

Is this how straight people feel all the time? I'm surprised they're even functioning.


How Queer Stories Onscreen Breathe New Life into Old Songs

'Call Me By Your Name,' 'Moonlight' and 'Black Mirror' have transformed classic songs, giving us a fresh wave of LGBTQ anthems.


Nakhane Makes the Dancefloor a Place of Tenderness

He's a South African musician and actor to keep an eye on, with a debut album coming this year.


Are HMLTD Queerness Tourists or Guitar Music’s Greatest Hope?

The complications of being an art project/band of straight guys where gender-fluid makeup and clothes define your look.


‘Lip Sync Battle’ Is Just a Watered-Down Version of Drag Culture

How the show follows a familiar trajectory of making LGBTQ culture "palatable" for a mainstream, straight audience.


We Asked Five Innovative Toronto Artists About the People, Spaces, and Movements Inspiring Them Right Now

Some of our favorite producers, promoters, and venue owners share their 2016 favorites and discuss the challenges facing the city.


Clubbing in Majority White Spaces Taught Me More About My Blackness and Queerness Than Daily Life

Finding QTPOC communities helped me overcome racial oppression and self-doubt.


Five Artists Tell Us About the Lasting Influence of 'Paris Is Burning’ 25 Years Later

Cakes Da Killa, Ghibli, and more on how Jennie Livingston's 1991 ballroom documentary impacted pop culture and LGBTQ communities.


Views from Tokyo's Infamous Gay Micro-Bar District

Shinjuku 2 Chome is like a gay bar buffet. The Tokyo district has the highest concentration of gay bars in the world, each with its own theme (such as BDSM or J-Pop), and each with less than a 12-person capacity.


Pacifico Silano Uses Forgotten Gay Porn to Create New Queer History

The photographer's latest exhibition, Tear Sheets, fuses cultural detritus with contemporary art tropes to figuratively mold the past.


Photos from MIX, NYC's Premier Queer Film Festival

The long-running happening transformed a raw warehouse space into a 24/7 art and film hub.