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Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Raheem Sterling's Tattoo vs Germaine Greer

Just a whole mess of terrible opinions this week.
Angus Harrison
how many fellainis make a pogba?

Why Players Should Be Traded Not Transferred

With the transfer window more showboating than substance these days, perhaps it's time to redefine the value of a footballer, and the manner in which his services are acquired.
Dipo Faloyin
many more years of hurt

Tragedy, Comedy, Steve McClaren: England Crash Out of Euro 2016

In the most perfect, farcical circumstances of all, England have bombed out of Euro 2016. It was tragic, but also inevitable, and somehow Steve McClaren’s fault.
Will Magee
truly awful decor

​Raheem Sterling Can't Sell His Awful, Awful House

As it turns out, it's almost impossible to sell a house that comes with a whole room dedicated to Michael Jackson
Will Magee

​Raheem Sterling Hires Teacher to Learn to Play His £10,000 Piano

Gather round children and let me tell you the sad story of Raheem Sterling and the £10,000 piano that could not sing.
VICE Sports
you'll not win anything with kids

Too Much Money, Too Little Time: Premier League Clubs Aren't Growing Their Own Stars

With the TV deal billions sloshing about the game, the Premier League's top clubs can afford to spend big on the finished article. Giving youth a chance is no longer an option.
Alex Hess
transfer analysis

Football Inflation and the Transfer Window

Paul Tomkins and Graeme Riley created the Transfer Price Index (TPI), which measures the average price paid for a Premier League footballer each season against inflation.
Paul Tomkins
manchester shitty

Raheem Sterling Says He Really Was Sick with Diarrhoea

Raheem Sterling had to tell reporters that he wasn't faking a sickness and actually had diarrhoea.
Sean Newell
A Small Minority of Idiots

What the Fuck Is Going On at Liverpool?

For Liverpool fans, the saga of Raheem Sterling is some proper Groundhog Day shit.
Oscar Rickett
A Small Minority of Idiots

The VICE Alternative Premier League Awards 2014/15

Balotelli, Scottish banter and Nigel Pearson: here are the real highlights of what turned out to be an otherwise rubbish season.
Callum Hamilton
casual capitalism

Raheem Sterling Versus the Machine

Raheem Sterling is one of the game's brightest young stars, but if he's to leave Liverpool he'll have to do so on European football's strange terms.
Colin McGowan

The Lost Youth of Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is not on the path to self-destruction, he's just catching up on the teenager years he never got to live
Angus Harrison