No Deal Behaviour: A Guide

Could No Deal be what sends us over the edge? Probably!!!!
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
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How Young People in Romania Won a Referendum By Not Voting

Doing nothing isn't always an effective strategy when you want to stop the government from doing something hateful, but last weekend, it worked out.
Ștefania Matache
Catalan Referendum

One Year On: Catalans On Their Referendum and the Violence That Followed

"I will always remember that day for the way I saw my mother being treated."
Alba Carreres
Catalan Referendum

How Spain Reacted to Catalonia (Sort of) Declaring Independence

"The violence is only going to get worse because the far-right is accusing Rajoy of being too soft. He’s going to want to prove to them that he is really tough."
Ana Iris Simón
Jordi Llorca
Catalan Referendum

Pictures from the Spanish Pro-Union Rally in Barcelona

Hundreds of thousands gathered in the streets of the Catalan capital yesterday in support of a united Spain.
Carles Desfilis
Catalan Referendum

I Went to Every Protest that Took Place in Madrid this Weekend

The possibility of Catalonia separating from Spain brought the people of Madrid to the streets.
Ana Iris Simón
Catalan Referendum

Rubber Bullets in the Rain: Photos of Referendum Day in Barcelona

At least 844 people and 33 police were injured in the violence sparked by the Catalan independence referendum yesterday.
Mònica Figueras

Can Catalans Be Arrested for Voting in Their Independence Referendum?

The Spanish government claims Sunday's referendum is unconstitutional. So what happens to the Catalans who go vote anyway?
Ana Iris Simón
Oh Snap

This Is the Brexit Election, Whether You Like It or Not

This election's inevitably going to be seen as a second referendum.
Yohann Koshy

The Pros and Cons of Scotland Joining Canada

A backdoor to EU membership and maybe more sweet, sweet equalisation money for Quebec? Hell yeah.
Drew Brown
Indyref 2

Here’s How This Scottish Referendum Is Going to Go

In terms of people being annoying on social media, that is. Can't predict the result.
Joel Golby
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The VICE UK Morning News Bulletin

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