Refugee Camps


The Greek Hotel Where Tourists and Refugees Sleep Under One Roof

Over the past year, 274 of the most vulnerable refugees on the island of Samos have been accommodated by the aptly named Paradise Hotel.


The Refugee Who Smuggled Himself Out of Camps and into ‘Rocket Man’

The incredible true story of 31-year-old Majid Adin, an Iranian refugee animator behind a viral music video for one of Elton John's most classic jams.


The Sophisticated Smuggling Routes Bringing Refugees into Europe

Attempts to crack down on migration have created the perfect breeding ground for new smuggling ecosystems.


The Psychological Toll of Volunteering at a Refugee Camp

"I would cry very often. I couldn't control my emotions."


Compassion Fatigue: Inside the Refugee Camp We've Already Forgotten

The summer volunteers have gone and the world’s attention has moved onto Trump and Brexit. But in the Katsikas refugee camp, temperatures have hit below zero, and people have little hope for a permanent home.


Aerial Photographs Capture the Biggest Refugee Camp in the World

Brendan Bannon’s images of Dadaab, Kenya are featured in the MoMA’s ongoing group exhibition, “Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter.”


The Last Days of 'The Jungle'

A few panoramic photos documenting the recent evacuation of the refugee camp in Calais.


Lindsay Lohan Thinks She Can Save Syrian Refugees by Giving Them Energy Drinks

Maybe they’d like some molly and strobe lighting to go with that?


Lily Allen Visits Calais "Jungle" to Meet Refugees in New Short Doc

“We’ve bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban, and now we're putting you at risk to get into our country.”


For Refugees, Internet Access Has Become as Important as Food and Water

The report, which looked at data from 44 different countries, found that Internet access has become “as vital to them as food, water, or shelter” for many refugees.


The Brutal Consequences of Uganda's Infamous Anti-Gay Law

Uganda's infamous anti-gay law forced hundreds of LGBT people to flee to Kenya, a country nearly as inhospitable as their home. What can the UN do to protect them?


The Hungarian Restaurant Serving 'Terrorist' and 'Syrian' Pizzas

The guy who came up with this menu definitely doesn't think it's offensive.