Repeal the Eighth


One Year on from Ireland's Abortion Referendum, Things Aren't Moving Fast Enough

The Irish public may have overwhelmingly voted to legalize abortion, but implementing it is proving trickier than expected.
Mary McGill

With Abortion Now Legal in Ireland, What Happens for the North?

As the dust settles from Ireland's momentous decision to legalise abortion, many in Northern Ireland – where it is still criminalised – believe it is their turn to follow suit. But much needs to happen before Northern Irish women achieve reproductive righ
Roisin Lanigan
Repeal the Eighth

Ireland Has Voted to Legalise Abortion

In a stunning victory for reproductive rights, the Irish public has chosen to repeal the Eighth Amendment – meaning that for the first time ever, abortion will be legal in the country.
Sirin Kale
Repeal the Eighth

People Are Traveling Across the World to Repeal Ireland's Abortion Ban

For some Irish people living abroad, the vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment is too important to miss.
Leila Ettachfini
Repeal the Eighth

I Was Forced to Carry an Unviable Pregnancy to Term; This Is My Diary

When doctors told Claire Cullen-Delsol that her pregnancy wasn't viable due to a chromosomal disorder, she requested a termination – but was denied it under Ireland's abortion laws. She documented her experiences in a diary, which she shares here.
Claire Cullen-Delsol
Repeal the Eighth

If Pro-Choice Men Don't Vote in the Irish Abortion Referendum, We're Screwed

Campaigners say some Irish men are reluctant to engage with what they see as a "women's issue", which is dumb as hell.
Sirin Kale
Repeal the Eighth

What It's Like to Travel to a Foreign Country for an Abortion

Every year, thousands of Irish women travel to the UK to access safe and legal abortion. These are their stories.
Not At Home
editors letter

Do the Right Thing and Repeal Your Anti-Abortion Law, Ireland

This week, as the public votes on whether to keep the Eighth Amendment, Broadly is centring the lives of Irish women affected by the ban.
Zing Tsjeng
Lindsay Schrupp