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A Huge Donald Trump Protest Is About to Hit New York City

Demonstrators are planning to welcome the Republican frontrunner home by attempting to shut down his speech in Midtown Manhattan Thursday night.


Why the NRA Would Not or Could Not Stop Donald Trump

For all its perceived influence, the gun rights group declined to join the conservative effort to derail the GOP's unwelcome frontrunner.


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VICE's political correspondent is back in the Lone Star State for Super Tuesday.


A New App Is Trying to Forge Friendships Between Democrats and Republicans

The app, which formerly paired up Palestinians with Israelis, hopes to build relationships between people we expect to hate each other.


How Donald Trump Finally Destroyed Jeb Bush

"There's nothing easy about running for president. It's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious, it's beautiful. When you win it's beautiful."


Bun B’s New Hampshire Primary Dispatch, Part One: Kissing Asses and Babies

Our newest political correspondent spends Super Bowl Sunday with the Republicans who want to be president.


The VICE Guide to the Iowa Caucuses

What you need to know about tomorrow's first – and strangest – vote in the 2016 US presidential race.


Read Donald Trump's Insane Explanation for Dropping Out of the GOP Debate

"Unlike the very stupid, highly incompetent people running our country into the ground, Mr. Trump knows when to walk away."


Ben Carson's Rap Radio Ad Is an Embarrassment for Everyone

The raptastic radio spot is yet another example of the Republican Party fundamentally misunderstanding its relationship with hip-hop.


It's Hard to Run for President When Nobody Likes You: The Jeb Bush Story

If the Jeb! campaign isn't on a respirator yet, it's because the respirator is being pushed down the hallway to its hospital room.


We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if America Actually Banned 'Anchor Babies'

What if the next president could just swish his star-spangled magic wand and end birthright citizenship once and for all?


Who Are Donald Trump's Supporters and What Do They Want?

A night with the voters who want the orange-hued billionaire as their president.