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Possible Alien Device Pulled from Beach near Taylor Swift's House

"It does not feel like aliens have overtaken me, that it has this nefarious feel to it," said a local reporter.
Alex Robert Ross

Lingua Ignota's Liturgical Noise Is a Celebration of Obliteration

Stream the new EP from the Providence-based artist who explores trauma and survival through neoclassical, death industrial, and extreme metal.
Claire Donato
true crime

Lessons Learned from Investigating Your Mother's Brutal Murder

Leah Carroll's mother was strangled to death by a mob-connected drug dealer, and her dad succumbed to alcoholism. Now she's telling their story.
Philip Eil
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

It's Now Pretty Much Impossible for Republicans to Stop Trump

Soon, the only things standing between Donald Trump and the presidency will be God and Hillary Clinton.
John Surico
the range

The Range Dove Deep into YouTube to Make His Most Poignant Album Yet

How James Hinton forged personal connections with the undiscovered singers and rappers he samples on 'Potential.'
Gary Suarez
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Who the Hell Is Lincoln Chafee and Why Is He Running for President?

Understanding the latest long-shot candidate who thinks he can beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.
Kevin Lincoln
VICE vs Video games

Lightning Bolt’s Bassist Is Making an Amazing-Looking ‘Rhythm Violence’ Game

The Rhode Island noise duo's Brian Gibson is about to shake up a stale gaming genre with <i>Thumper</i>.
Mike Diver

A New Lawsuit Aims to Decriminalise Prostitution in California

Advocates hope the case will have ripple effects in several western states.
Tara Burns

From Teenaged Prostitute to Sex Workers' Rights Advocate

Activist Bella Robinson feels victimised by laws intended to help people like her.
Tara Burns

Fightland Meets Tom Lawlor

Philosophising with the UFC middleweight fighter over hamburgers.
Fightland Staff

Gordon Holden Takes Photos of Your Parallel Youth

You know, the one you daydreamed about spending in the American suburbs.
Elektra Kotsoni