Rick Paulas


Niche Dating Sites Are Making People More Stupid

The problem with matching two people who believe that lizard people control the world is that they could have kids who will carry on their batshit ideas.


The Weird and Fraudulent World of Catholic Relics

For centuries, some Christians have venerated the bodies and possessions of saints, but more often than not, there's no way to tell whether something is St. Peter's skull or a really old potato.


You Should Watch the Seven-Hour Hungarian Film 'Sátántangó' Right Now

Bala Tarr's black-and-white opus is looooong, but it's also a masterpiece that unfolds like a series of perfectly composed paintings.


The Power Team Was the Bloody, Evangelical Freakshow that Ruled the 80s

They bent steel and smashed concrete with their skulls while preaching the word of Christ to massive audiences. Two decades later, the group was bankrupt.


Do Mormons Care About Joseph Smith's 40 Wives?

This year the LDS church released a series of essays that quietly acknowledged some of the more sordid bits of Mormon history, including the religion's founder's polygamy.


Revisiting the Religious Relics of the Web 1.0 Days

Like the ruins of the Coliseum or shuttered drive-in theatres, the ghosts of web 1.0 linger. And scattered throughout that hidden world are the early Internet churches.


This Guy Started His Own Cult

"It's a group performance where everyone's a player," says Christopher Allman, the creator and leader of the People of Ieya.


This Guy Thinks Danny DeVito Is the Antichrist

William Tapley, self-proclaimed "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "Co-Prophet of the End Times", thinks the guy who played the Penguin is going to bring about the Apocalypse.


Catholics Are Going to Freak When We Find Aliens

What would happen to the world's religions if we made contact with alien life?


Can an Open-Source Religion Work?

Pondering the possibility of syntheism catching on.