Rio Olympics


A Legacy of Crisis: Rio After the Olympics

Brazil's big bet on the 2016 Rio Olympics has gone bust, and the country has been plunged further into political and economic crisis.
Aaron Gordon
woman of steel

The Cult: Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jessica Ennis-Hill is one of Sheffield’s steeliest exports, and an athlete who has captured the imagination of a nation. For that, she more than earns her place in The Cult.
Will Magee
ryan lochte

Ryan Lochte Terrorised Live on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Did protesters rush the stage during Ryan Lochte's performance on "Dancing with the Stars"? Yeah they did, bro.
Joseph Flynn
Rio 2016

Report: Ryan Lochte to be Suspended For 10 Months, Banned from 2017 World Championships

Lochtegate is almost over for good now.
Sean Newell
Thomas Bach

IOC President Won't Attend Any of the Paralympic Games

Thomas Bach has a pretty busy schedule and won't be able to make any of the Paralympics (which he's known about forever).
Sean Newell
the legacy of the rio olympics

Understanding Team GB's Olympic Success Alongside The Disaster In Brazil

While British coverage of the Olympics was overwhelmingly positive, we often ignored the darker side of the Games. When we look back on Rio's legacy, it will be with both pride and discomfort.
Alex Keble

Vogue Brazil Makes Actors Appear Disabled for Paralympic Ad Campaign

Vogue Brazil have decided to make a couple of good-looking actors appear disabled for a Paralympic ad campaign.
Mike Vorkunov

Ryan Lochte Expected to be "Summoned" Back to Brazil for Questioning

Ryan Lochte has been called back to Brazil to give further testimony about his fantastical night in Rio.
Mike Vorkunov
ryan lochte

Piss-Happy Swimmer Lochte May Be Dancing with the Stars and Back into Our Hearts

Ryan Lochte is in talks to appear on Dancing With the Stars.
Patrick Sauer
optimist - pessimist

The Cult: Mark Cavendish & Laura Trott

As two of the main protagonists in Team GB’s cycling triumphs, Cavendish and Trott are national heroes. They have antithetical characters, and both deserve a place in The Cult.
Will Magee

Ryan Lochte Gets Emotional Talking to Matt Lauer on 'Today Show'

Lochte-gate is coming to a close and Ryan has taken full responsibility for causing such a shitstorm.
Sean Newell

The Rio Games Were An Unjustifiable Human Disaster, And So Are The Olympics

Like the other Olympics before them, Rio 2016 proved that the IOC is blithely indifferent to the waste, corruption, and human wreckage the Games leave in their wake.
Aaron Gordon