Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

The Mueller Report Actually Looks Like Good News for the Democrats

Most Democrats didn't really want an impeachment fight, and now they're free to move on to more important battles.
Harry Cheadle
Robert Mueller

Inside Robert Mueller's Horny, Joking-but-Not-Really Fandom

The special counsel "has all of the qualities of a super crush: He's mysterious. He doesn't return phone calls. He plays hard to get."
Alex Norcia
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It's Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Another mass shooting. Another presidential tantrum. Another white nationalist at the White House. And Robert Mueller in trouble.
Matt Taylor
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Diehard Trump Stan Jacob Wohl Is the Most Brain-Poisoned Boy Online

The man behind the weird plot to accuse Robert Mueller of sexual misconduct is so much more than an incompetent political operative.
K.T. Nelson
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Trump Is Bad for Everyone

Lots of people were eager to jump on the Trump train, but it turns out that train is more a rollercoaster that inevitably ends suddenly in a brick wall.
Harry Cheadle

Trump Can't Count on the Supreme Court to Save Him from Mueller

The president seems to think partisan judges are his secret weapon in the Russia investigation. An expert told us why that's wrong.
Matt Taylor
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Kim Kardashian Convincing Trump to Pardon Someone Is Bad, Actually

It's insane how much celebrities are influencing Trump.
Matt Taylor
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Was the Trump Campaign Full of Spies or Just Idiots?

Somehow, the strange saga of competing Russia memos has mostly served to make the president's campaign look shadier than ever.
Marcy Wheeler
russia investigation

The Secret Anti-FBI 'Nunes Memo' Is Setting DC on Fire

It looks increasingly like Robert Mueller's boss could be next on the chopping block. This is bad.
Matt Taylor
Can't Handle the Truth

Don't Worry, Tide Pods Aren't Going Anywhere

Don't believe the story about Tide pulling the toxic little guys off the shelves.
Mike Pearl

The Best Part of the Russia Scandal Is All the Merch

Are you a "Free Manafort" guy or a "Comey is my homie" gal?
Eve Peyser

What Happens Now?

In the wake of the first indictments of Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016, everyone is wondering what Donald Trump will do next.
Harry Cheadle