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Meet the Jelloman, the Iconic Jell-O Shot Entrepreneur of Philly's Indie Rock Scene

"I put in seven pounds of powder and four handles of vodka into each one. It's like the Jell-O soup kitchen."
Luke Winkie
Fast Food

Farewell to Chicago's 'Rock N Roll McDonald's'

Like rock 'n' roll itself, the iconic restaurant has been demolished as part of a corporate push toward modernisation. We blame Maroon 5.
Myles Karp
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Old Clip of Fats Domino Meeting Jools Holland Will Make You Feel Better

The cut from Holland's 1985 documentary 'Walking to New Orleans' captures a lot of what made Domino so inspiring.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

Fats Domino, Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Gentleman Pioneer, Dead at 89

The pianist and singer, whose life and work were bound up with the city of New Orleans, died of natural causes on Tuesday morning.
Alex Robert Ross
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Is the ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll’ Holy Trinity Myth or Fact?

A new study examines if rockers really do get more blow and booty.
Tim Scott

Julie & The Wrong Guys Get Right And Heavy on "Love and Leaving"

The East Coast icon joins forces with a few Canadian punk and hardcore musicians to create gritty, gnarling rock 'n' roll.
Sarah MacDonald
Objectively Correct Lists

17 Airtight Arguments for Why Your Band Should Cover “Free Bird”

You won’t just be leaving here tomorrow, you’ll be leaving the audience’s jaws on the floor.
Kyle Kramer
Under the Influence

How Glam Rock Got Us From David Bowie to Lil Uzi Vert

'Under the Influence: Glam Rock' is a documentary that explores how the genre's outlandish fantasy approach changed music forever, brought to you by Pandora Premium.
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Remembering Chuck Berry, Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer and Icon

St Charles County Police confirmed his death, at 90, on Saturday.
Alex Robert Ross
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Ride the Feedback: A Brief History of Guitar Distortion

Or, how one of music's happiest accidents went on to shape countless careers and spawn entire genres, from rock 'n' roll to experimental noise
J. J. Anselmi

Black Women’s Voices Are the Sound of Rock ’n’ Roll

Unending love and appreciation is the least we can offer pioneers like Big Mama Thornton and Tina Turner.
Tari Ngangura

Andrew W.K. on Death Metal

It makes me feel better about being alive.
Andrew W.K.