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Why ‘Skyrim’ Forever Remains in the Shadow of ‘Morrowind’

Fans of The Elder Scrolls maintain the third game is the series' best – and its makers have paid attention since the missteps of 'Oblivion'.
Jim Trinca

​I Taught Divination at a Real-Life Wizard School

The blockbuster LARP New World Magischola offers hundreds of players the chance to live out their wizarding fantasies (and teaches the power of consensual play).
Alex Roberts

‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ at 15: A Potentially Prophetic Folly of a Video Game Movie

<i>The Spirits Within</i> was a box office bomb for Square, and a disaster for the Final Fantasy franchise. But could history repeat with <i>Final Fantasy XV</i>?
Mike Diver
Matt Lees' Column

It’s Old and It’s Clunky, But You Really Must Play ‘Dragon’s Dogma’

For those who want a solid world in which to experiment, explore and behave like a tit, Capcom's revived RPG is a bucket of gold.
Matt Lees
VICE vs Video games

Role-Playing Games Have Been My Life, Before I Even Knew What One Was

Ahead of the release of 2015's biggest role-playing game, 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt', VICE contributor Ian Dransfield documents his own life in RPGs.
Ian Dransfield
VICE vs Video games

The Greatest Moments of ‘Final Fantasy’, Part 2

More selections of memorable excellence from the vintage role-play series.
Aoife Wilson
the vice reader

Talking Video Games and Ghosts with John Darnielle

The musician/novelist on his new book, <i>The Wolf In White Van</i>.
Blake Butler

Dungeons & Dragons Has Caught Up with Third-Wave Feminism

Women are playing Dungeons & Dragons more than ever before.
Cecilia D’Anastasio
Video Games Killed the Radio Star

‘What Makes an RPG' Is Not a Great Philosophical Debate

Because most video games are role playing games.
Mike Diver
The Creators Project

'This Must Be the Only Fantasy' by Rodarte and Todd Cole

Elijah Wood stars in a VFX-driven ode to fantasy role-playing games.
The Creators Project