Roll Deep


J2K and Wiley Take Down Industry Time Wasters on “Rotten Apples”

The Roll Deep alums join forces on a track so cold we couldn't not premiere its video.
Noisey UK Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Wiley Throwback To 00s Rap Videos In "You Were Always"

The promo for the R&B inflected track also features Skepta and Belly.
Lauren O'Neill
Longreads Or Whatever

Bard In Da Corner: Drawing the Line Between Poetry and Grime

The poet Kayo Chingonyi explains why D Double E and Dizzee's flows aren't just for bobbing to, they are for studying.
Roller derby

Inside the Badass World of British Roller Derby

A kaleidoscopic of humanity playing a complex skate-based sport at a suburban leisure centre in the south of England. Welcome to the unique world of roller derby.
Dave Phelan

Ten Classic Grime Photos and the Stories That Inspired Them

Simon Wheatley’s 'Don’t Call Me Urban' photo book is being digitally re-released, so we asked him to reflect on a few of his classics.
Paul Gibbins
Grime Week

Meet the Two Kids Putting the Fire Back into Grime Photography

Wot Do You Call It is the blog capturing grime’s most iconic moments of 2014.
Joe Zadeh
The Sundaes Issue

Four New Grime Kids

Grime is going through a bit of a make-or-break period right now. Most of the better MCs have long given up trying to be grimey and are now doing pop songs with 80s revivalists and covering the Ting Tings (Dizzee) or taking their shirts off in videos...
Prancehall; Photos: Alex Sturrock
The Drugs Issue

Taliban Heroin

We tracked down Roll Deep Crew’s Taliban Trim.
Matt Mason
The Music Issue

Mogadishu Massive

The third world's taste in music sucks dick. They still love Michael Jackson. In fact, the most far-out they'll go is Janet Jackson.
Herp J.T. Smith
The Drugs Issue


Apart from consuming weed intravenously and the very occasional rock, your average grime kid isn't backing as much drugs as generations of ravers from years gone by.
Python Lee Travis