New music

Dance Angrily to the Righteous Fury of Stefana Fratila's "Swallowed Seeds"

The Toronto-via-Romania producer makes avant-garde techno that tackles misogynist violence with seething, technology-aided rage.
Phil Witmer
Surprise Visits

Far Right Nationalists Stormed the VICE Office

Our colleagues at VICE Romania had a visit from a couple of guys who were angry with us about... quoting them verbatim?
VICE Staff

People Showed Us Stuff from Old Relationships They Couldn't Throw Away

It's important to cherish the memories, even if it means holding on to a record with the words "FUCK YOU" carved into it.
VICE Staff
Festivals 2017

A Festival? In a Transylvanian Castle? I Mean, Sure

Electric Castle's lineup looked like someone emailed every booking agent in the northern hemisphere saying: "right, Romania, who fancies it?"
VICE Staff
Grenfell Tower

How a Fire Led to the Toppling of a Prime Minister

Two years ago there was a tragic fire, similar to Grenfell, in Romania. The government were blamed, and five days later they were gone.
Mark Wilding

Portraits of Europe's Most Popular Kebabs

From the famous Turkish döner of Berlin to Holland’s monster kapsalon topped with Gouda, kebabs are Europe’s favourite drunk food. We took a look at how this grilled meat snack differs around the Continent.
Maciek Piasecki
Mihai Popescu
The Restless Youth Issue

Can a Movement to End Corruption Fix Romania's Troubled Democracy?

The country's recent anti-corruption protests have been the largest and most widespread demonstrations since the fall of Communism.
Aaron Lake Smith
A Horse's Life

This Is How Romanian Horses Celebrate Easter

In the Romanian town of Targoviste, they get their manes did, pull carts and do some complicated hops.
Eli Driu

Who the Hell Was "Mr. Saxobeat" Anyway?

We went in search of the mysterious figure who inspired one of the decade's most enduring Eurodance anthems.
Josh Baines

How to Eat Like Count Dracula in Transylvania

Dracula's supper of choice is not usually available even to humans with an adventurous palate, but you can try the next best thing at vampire-inspired restaurants in Transylvania—now in present-day Romania.
Aaron Kase

I Played Illegal Pool with Mobsters in Communist Romania

The biggest stars had nicknames like "the Butcher" and "The Barber", while my manager wore grenades on his belt.
Mihnea Lazăr

The Faces of the People Who Believe Their Party Is Going to Take Control of Romania

Like in America and the UK, Romanian voters also seem to want things to be like they imagine they were in the past.
Ciprian Hord