Worst Take of the Week: Boogie Woogie PM vs Juventus Launch Ronaldo Defence

Two stunningly bad hot takes to bring the week to a close.


The Cult: Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho was a footballer unlike any other, and a showman par excellence. For his infectious exuberance, warmth and flair, we induct him into The Cult.


The Cult: Ronaldo

In his pomp, Ronaldo was a striker sent from heaven. His career took a steep downward trajectory, however, and he bowed out of football as a mortal much like the rest of us.


Hope, Despair and Lager: Hanging With Wales Fans in Cardiff Last Night

Watching the joy, tears, and drunken smearing of dragon facepaint with Welsh supporters in the fanzone.


The Microphone Ronaldo Threw into the Lake is Now Being Auctioned for Charity

The only thing that would make the story more complete would be if Ronaldo bought it himself.


Florentino Perez: How to Make Millions From a Football Club

Florentino Perez is perhaps the most famous president in Real Madrid's history. He is power-hungry, ruthless and, above all, desperate for success.


​Every Other Colour Is The New Black: The Evolution of Football Boots

Modern football boots come in a wide range of elaborate colours and synthetic casings. It began in 1970, when Alan Ball wore a pair of white Hummels – and nothing has been quite the same since.


VICE Sports Q&A: Ronaldo (THE Ronaldo)

One of the greatest footballers of his era opens up on playing poker, the Brazilian national team, and even his weight.


Cristiano Ronaldo Gives the Ronaldo-est Interview of All Time

Ronaldo does not want to complain about anything right now, he's just waiting to retire so he can "live like a king."


Cristiano Da Silva Scores a Hat-Trick of Delicious Free Kicks

Cristiano looked like another Cristiano we all know.


A Very Special Christmas Message From Ronaldo, The World's Most Luxurious Man

Ronaldo is now literally the gift that keeps on giving. This time, he does so in the language of song, and his incredibly luxurious home.