roy keane

Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Quentin Letts Vs Roy Keane

Letts vs Keane: the charity boxing match we're all waiting for.
Angus Harrison
i keano

​The Roy Keane Conundrum: Fragile Masculinity and Selective Nostalgia

Given the dominance of the Manchester United side he captained, it is easy to conflate Roy Keane's aggression with his ability to motivate. But this does not mean that his brand of ultra-masculine football would work in 2017.
Tom Victor
the unquenchable rage of chris sutton

A Lament For Chris Sutton, an Angry Pundit Caught By The Machine

Chris Sutton, Britain's most brutal football pundit, is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore.
Oscar Rickett
november 1994

Bonfire of The Vanities: Manchester United's 1994 Humbling at The Hands of Barcelona

In November 1994, Manchester United were thumped 4-0 by a team that I had neither heard of nor seen play. Their name was FC Barcelona, and they were truly magnificent.
Jim Weeks
i keano

Remembering Roy Keane's Finest Hour for Manchester United

In the 1998-99 Champions League semi-final, Manchester United skipper and defensive midfielder Roy Keane inspired his team to a historic second-leg comeback win against Juventus. He did it by being everywhere.
Michael Terry
extremely angry mums

What The Hell Did Ainsley Maitland-Niles’ Mum Say To Mick McCarthy In Her “Poisonous” Voicemail Rant?

If it was worse than Roy Keane’s Saipan tirade, it must have been truly monstrous.
Will Magee

Cultural Relatives: Roy Keane & Tom Brady

Keane and Brady must have learnt to channel discomfort. Perhaps, when you're getting so fucked over inside, you look at the straightforward slings and arrows of the outside world and think, 'that's not much.'
Toby Sprigings
brand jeopardy

Cultural Relatives: Eminem & Football's Bad Boys

Roy Keane did not give a fuck what you thought about how he was. Nor Di Canio, nor Eminem. They gave you enough space to respect their commitment to the game and, after that, your opinions were moot.
Toby Sprigings
the good old days

The Cult: Paul Scholes & Patrick Vieira

Who better exemplified the greatest days of Premier League football than Scholes and Vieira, players so good their respective fans still talk of needing to replace them.
Toby Sprigings

The Sad, Furious Solitude of Anger's Roy Keane

What's wrong, Roy? There's a party in your mind but no one ever came? Was anyone even invited?
Oscar Rickett
A Small Minority of Idiots

Roy Keane and Martin O'Neill Are Just What Irish Football Needs

Every international squad should have two managers: a sociopath and a philosopher.
Clive Martin, Illustration: Sam Taylor