New York Collective Paints Over Baroque Paintings with Art School Scrawlings

The Bruce High Quality Foundation's latest exhibition transposes the activity of an art school/studio onto the paintings of Caravaggio, Rubens, and Poussin.


Meet the Giant 3D-Printed Zoetrope Inspired by a Gruesome Painting

Mat Collishaw's 'All Things Fall,' a 350-piece zoetrope, depicts the biblical infanticide ordered by King Herod.


A Portrait of Modern Inequality: What Will Become of The National Gallery?

Last July, a decision was made to outsource 400 out of 600 gallery staff. Almost everyone will be transferred from the public sector to a private company, with potentially disastrous consequences.


3D-Printed Sculpture Reinvents Rubenesque Women as Bulging, Fleshy Forms

Nick Ervinck's 'Sniburtad' turns Rubens' sensuous forms into a grotesque but mesmerizing 3D-printed sculpture and abstract animation.