Russell Brand


I Invented a Fake Friendship With Russell Brand to Get Free Stuff

Armed with Instagram, a lookalike and a face-swapping app, I managed to swindle free pizza, clothes and even a hotel suite.


DJ Khaled Demoed "I'm the One" in Justin Bieber's Fur-Lined Truck

When the world hands you a hit, stroke the furry seats.


Russell Brand Is Paying for Your Pride Mural Selfies

A selfie in front of the #poweredbypride mural earns a $1 donation to LGBTQ charities The Pillion Trust and Hetrick-Martin Institute.


Russell Brand's Plan to Love-Bomb the Police Is Fatuous Bullshit

I don't get it, what's to love? The institutional racism or the unaccountable violence?


Russell Brand and Ed Miliband: Comparing Their Revolutionary Rhetoric

They're both rich socialists with big teen followings, but who's the bigger radical?


The Toxic Politics Polluting Essex

It's the failure of the main parties when it comes to dealing with local concerns that has led people to see UKIP as representing hope in Grays.


This Theorist Believes That Capitalism Creates Mass Murderers by Causing People to 'Malfunction'

We spoke to academic Franco 'Bifo' Berardi, who believes mass killings like the Germanwings tragedy could be caused by the effects of capitalism on our collective mental health.


Caitlin Moran in (Drunken) Conversation with Sophie Heawood – Part Two

In the second half of the two writers' conversation, they chat class, politics, abortion, literature, Russell Brand and orgasms.


TV Presenter Rick Edwards Wants You to Vote for 'None of the Above' at the UK General Election

I asked him about whether spoiling your ballot really changes anything and why people should listen to the political opinions of someone best known for presenting Tool Academy.


The Utopia of Rules – Why We're Drowning in More Paperwork Than Ever Before

David Graeber follows up his international bestseller Debt: The First 5000 Years with an attack on capitalism's love affair with bureaucracy, asking why our lives revolve around forms, fines and threats.


Idiot EDL Supporters Tried to Confront Russell Brand in Newcastle

They crashed a book group meeting but weirdly, he wasn't there.


How to Appear in Public without Getting Tit-Shamed Like Rita Ora

A plunging neckline just isn't acceptable for early evening television, people!