Russell T Davies


A Definitive List of Welsh Legends

As it's St David's Day, here are some under-appreciated icons beyond Dylan Thomas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and that guy who did 'The Snowman' song, according to a bunch of Welsh VICE writers.


Is There Too Much Pressure for Gay TV Shows to Succeed?

Russell T Davies 'Cucumber' and 'Banana' could be an example of how the gay community will berate a TV show for not representing us well enough, before that show's cancelled and we're left with no representation at all.


This Is What It's Like to Be Gay in the British Countryside

There is an inevitable loneliness and frustration in being the only LGBT person for miles around. But these days a move away to the big city isn't the only option.


Russell T Davies Talks Rimming, Grindr and the Image of Ryan Reynolds Masturbating

In the late 90s, Russell T Davies changed everything with "Queer as Folk". Next week, he's back on Channel 4 with "Cucumber, Banana, Tofu" – a threesome of multi-platform gay programming.