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Yes, Priests Air-Bombed a Russian City with Holy Water to Stop All the 'Drinking' and 'Fornication'

It did not work.
Greg Walters
a day ago
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

So You Want to Be a Football Fan? Here's What You Should Know

The World Cup made you feel a genuine love and appreciation for the game, and now you want to go full-time? You, I'm afraid, are an idiot.
Dipo Faloyin

An Ex-Professional Football Player Explains How Easy It Is to Dope

"I was only tested once throughout my entire career, while some players I knew were never tested at all."
Ferdinand Dyck
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Photos from London and Antwerp as England and Belgium Fans Watched Last Night's Match

It's (still) coming home.
Alex Rorison
Sanne Moonemans
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Belgian Football Hooligans Aren't Supporting Belgium This World Cup

In theory, the England game tonight is a Belgian ultra's dream fixture. But there's a deep cultural divide in Belgium, which means few hooligans would ever want to raise a fist in support of their national team.
Frederik Van den Bril
Yannick Dekeukelaere
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

When Football Fans Give Up Supporting Their National Team

With the World Cup knockout stages approaching, and reality replacing hope, many fans are starting to remember why they hate watching their national side play.
Will Magee
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Zinedine Zidane and the Most Important Headbutt in the World

A deep dive into Zidane's last act as a professional footballer: thrusting his head into Marco Materazzi's chest.
Joel Golby
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

How Denmark's '86 World Cup Shirt Became a Cult Classic

The rare collector's item is still selling for over £300.
Mike Gibbons
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Iranian Women Fight for Their Right to be Football Fans at the World Cup

A group of nine fans have travelled to the World Cup to protest against the rules banning women from stadiums back home during each of Iran's matches.
David Cox
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Football Fans Told Us the Reasons They've Accidentally Missed Iconic Moments

"I missed Italy's winner against Germany in the 2006 World Cup semi-final because I was being wrestled."
Will Magee
World Cup Replay

Diana Ross' Penalty Miss Is the Greatest Moment in the History of World Cup Opening Ceremonies

A perfect metaphor for America's relationship with the beautiful game.
Liam Daniel Pierce

A Deep Dive Into the England Squad-Suit Photo

Or: Are We Going to Win The World Cup? An Informed Prediction Based On Looking At The Players A Bit.
Joel Golby