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How Can We Be More In Touch With Our Feels, James Blake Fans?

“I dunno man. If you need to have a cry, have a cry. It’s cathartic.”
Rosie Hewitson

Is There Ever a 'Good' Way to Break Up with Someone?

Here is one blueprint so you don't fuck it up next time.
Beth McColl

Kodie Shane Is a Breath of Fresh Air on the Open Seas of Rap

The Sailing Team member discusses collaborations with Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert and shares the premiere of her video for "Sad."
Kyle Kramer

Sad Thanksgiving Stories We Hope Are Worse Than What Goes Down This Year

There's always the potential for disaster during Thanksgiving, and this year's more of a powder keg than usual. These stories will make you forget the pilgrim fairy tales, talking politics with your family and the saturated fat.
Patrick Lyons and Caroline Thompson

Remembering the Best Vines Ever Made Now That Twitter Has Killed Vine

Goodnight, sweet prince.
VICE Staff
so sad today

It Gets Better and Then It Gets Worse

What will I do with this column and my Twitter account if the sadness doesn't end? Do I keep writing about the experience of living with depression and anxiety, and exploring the nuances of sadness forever?
VICE Staff

We Asked People What They Regret Most in Life

"I regret the last phone conversation I had with my big sister, the day before she committed suicide."
Paul Sauer​, Photos by Tor Birk Trads

Our Nightlife Has Been Destroyed By People Who Resent It

The superclub represented a city on the cutting edge of dance culture – and that place no longer exists.
Joe Bish
Internet Exploring

Who Wants to Hear Jay Z Deliver Grovelling Apologies to Beyonce for Sixty Minutes?

This Funnyordie spoof might not be real, but who needs real when you can have Jay Z impersonator saying sorry for an hour over stock footage of distressed men and turtles.
Noisey Staff
Leslie's Diary Comics

Leslie Ponders the Joy of Walking in Today's Comic from Leslie Stein

"By walking you escape the very idea of identity, the temptation to be someone..."
Leslie Stein
Leslie's Diary Comics

Leslie Spends The Holidays Alone in Today's Comic from Leslie Stein

Sometimes the little things come from unexpected places, right when we need them.
Leslie Stein

A Man Tries to Shed the 'Coat of the Dreadful' in Nina Vandeweghe's New Comic

Sometimes the key to happiness lies in faking it.
Nina Vandeweghe