Photos of Life at Sea

What life is like when you're stuck on a ship with the same group of guys for months on end.
Iulia Roșu

Frenchman Thomas Coville Breaks Record for Sailing Solo Around the World by Eight and a Half Days

Only twice have sailboats ever gone faster around the globe, but those ships had crews of 10 and 14, who worked in shifts.
Dave Brown

All Aboard the Ship Sailing Near-Extinct Grains From Oslo to Istanbul

Norway-based art collective Futurefarmers has commandeered a former rescue boat to transport ancient grains from Oslo to Istanbul. “We’re using the seeds as a way to talk about challenges within the food system,” says Amy Franceschini, one of the...
Daisy Meager

Sailing a Real-Life Viking Ship Across the Atlantic Is Still Hard Work

We talked to the shipbuilder and the captain of the Draken Harald Hårfagre.
DJ Pangburn
sport and the epic hero

Boxing, Wrestling, Defining A Hero: The Significance Of Sport In Epic Literature

As far back as the first known literature in Europe, sport has been a crucial narrative device. More than that, however, it has defined what it is to be a warrior, and what it is to be a man.
Will Magee
rio de janeiro

Brazilian Olympic Sailors Concerned About the Legacy of the 2016 Games

Brazilian sailors are disappointed that officials did not do enough to clean up the water in the bay.
Donna Bowater
Holy Shit

Float Away and Cry with Lil Yachty on "So Many People"

What is there not to like about Lil Yachty?
Kyle Kramer
VICE Long Reads

The 73-Year-Old Adventurer Sailing a 60ft Steel Whale Across the Atlantic Ocean

Tom McClean left the SAS to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, a feat he's achieved five times. Now, at 73, he's ready to do it again – in a giant steel sperm whale.
Joe Banks

Speaking to Jessica Watson, a Real-Life Adventurer in the Spirit of Lara Croft

The Australian sailor circumnavigated the world, solo, aged just 16.
Mike Diver

You Can Actually Become a Certified Pirate at MIT

Fulfill your PE requirements with archery, fencing, sailing, and shooting guns, and you'll get an official "Pirate Certificate."
Tanja M. Laden

Inside Somaliland’s Pirate Rehab

Who says you can't teach an old pirate new tricks?
Mark Hay

The Hangover News

Politicians argued about how poor the poor should be this weekend, but you were too busy working triple shifts to notice.
Mac Hackett