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Anti-Capitalist Toddler Shreds $1,000 of Parents' Cash

Welcome to the resistance, child.


Officers Fired for Accepting Pizza in Place of $19K in Parking Tickets

“[It] got to the point that we just go in the back (of the restaurant) and get what you want,” a former Salt Lake City parking enforcement said.


The LGBTQ Guide to Salt Lake City

The capital of Utah has more action than you might expect.


Mormon Marriage Rituals Are Exposed! in This Band's New Video

Muzzle Tung discuss Utah's weird sexist religious culture, UFOs, and something called "Levi lovin'."


How Salt Lake City Became a Modern Dance Mecca | #50StatesofArt

When Repertory Dance Theatre was founded in 1966, most people couldn't find Utah on a map.


Essay: On the Edge of Zion, Utah Artists Remain Untamed | #50StatesofArt

Filmmaker Alexander Lee writes about Salt Lake City's spaces in-between.


Rodriguez vs Caceres: The Cult of Spinning Shit

Yair Rodriguez and Alex Caceres fought a battle of wheel kicks and jumping attacks as expected, but about half way through fans realized that all those fancy attacks did not amount to much.


Listen to a Blistering New EP from No Ditching and Baby Ghosts

From Durham to Salt Lake City, here's a release from two bands united by punk, feminist politics, and harmonies sharp enough to cut through the world's bullshit.


Do You Want Some Making Fuck?

Stream the new album from this weird, wonderful SLC doom trio.


This Day Care Centre Has Become a Magnet for Conspiracy Theories

Is it a drug front? An organ harvesting operation? Or is it just a normal, slightly creepy day care?


The Mormon Church Lost 1,500 Members Over Its New LGBT Policies

The mass resignation comes in response to the church's new policy denying children of same-sex couples baptisms until they turn 18.


Enter "THE VOID": The World's First Virtual Reality Theme Park

It's like laser tag meets The Matrix inside this cutting-edge "virtual entertainment center."