San Diego


San Diego Is Paradise for Goths

The scene there is both long-lasting and newly burgeoning, something you might not expect from the sunny city known for its beaches.
Peter Holslin

The Idyllic Restaurant Chain Owned by a Homophobic, Racist, Child-Beating Cult

They don't exactly advertise their beliefs on the menus.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Noisey News

Watch The Distillers Play Their First Show in 12 Years

Brody Dalle and co. performed a roaring set of certified classics in San Diego a few days ago. Check in on the action for yourself here.
Lauren O'Neill

Inside the Surreal, Twisted Psyche of Cholo Goth Leafar Seyer

The Prayers frontman walks us through the inner spirits behind his first solo LA art show, 'The Pain Isn’t Over.'
John Ochoa

One Widow's Quest to Make Border Patrol Pay for Killing Her Husband

Her husband died after being beaten and tased by border agents, and now Maria Puga gets a chance to shame the United States in an international tribunal.
Sam Gilbert

From Internment Camp to Beloved Farm: One Family’s Version of Achieving the American Dream

Now beloved by chefs, the Chino Family Farm opened in the months following the end of World War II, when Junzo Chino and his family were released from an internment camp.
Phylisa Wisdom
Mexican Food

Why It's So Hard to Open a Modern Mexican Restaurant in the US

We even get shit from our Mexican customers because they give us their whole “why am I going to pay $12 for one of your tostadas topped with raw uni and clams when I could just drive across the border and pay $4 for the exact same one?” If they only...
Javier Plascencia

Shel Silverstein-Style Shapes Appear in Twisted Wires

Self-taught artist Spenser Little shows off some of his amazing handmade wire statues.
Nathaniel Ainley

How Vegan Gelato Helped Me Stay Sober

I won a bunch of awards as a chef and consequently, I was drinking a lot because of the pressure. I started to hit rock bottom emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Then my vegan gelato came into my life.
Susan Sbicca

Why Chinese Migrants Go Through Mexico to Get to America

In the last few years, the number of Chinese immigrants caught crossing into the United States from Mexico at the San Diego border has skyrocketed.
Ted Hesson

Why Building a Smart Design Portfolio Is Everything

A firsthand look at how to go about building your student design portfolio.
The Creators Project

A Mechanical Sculpture Reframes the Legacy of Mexican Migrant Workers

An outlawed farming tool from the 1940s serves as the building block for rewriting the history of Mexican migrants in the US.
Reuben Torres