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Trump Reportedly Wants to Destroy Homeless Camps in California. Officials Say He Doesn’t Have a Clue.

"The president doesn’t seem to have any grasp of the homeless crisis, not only in California, but around the country."
Emma Ockerman

San Francisco's Vape 'Ban' Is Turning Into a War Over JUUL and Wokeness

Both sides are claiming the mantle of harm reduction in a fight with stakes for e-cigs across the country.
Alex Norcia
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: Wait... Is This a Joke?

Yes, fine, it's in San Francisco, not London— but just look at it.
Joel Golby

Toronto Councillor Wants to Sue Big Oil for Climate Change Costs

Mike Layton wants Toronto to put an exact price tag on how much climate change will cost everyone in the city.
Anne Gaviola
fortune cookies

San Francisco's Last Handmade Fortune Cookie Factory Is in Danger

The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company's rent has gone from $1,400 to $6,000 in the past three years.
Bettina Makalintal

Silicon Valley's Latest Bizarre Craze Is 'Organised Intimacy'

Eye contact parties, cuddle puddles, "conscious dance". The Bay Area has changed in a lot of ways, but still knows how to get kinky.
Andrew Chamings

Dystopian Photos of San Francisco Smothered by Smoke

For days, locals had to stay indoors or don air masks in an effort to avoid the harmful particles in the air.
Yalonda James
climate change

California's Air Is as Bad as Beijing's and It Will Only Get Worse from Here

Thanks to climate change, massive wildfires and the unhealthy smog they emit aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
Cole Kazdin
Silicon Valley

Everyone Is Incredibly Angry at This Silicon Valley Exec's Daily Routine

'Business Insider' documented the boring and healthy life of a San Franciscan and the internet lost its damn mind.
Harry Cheadle
housing market

I Used San Francisco’s Multi-Million-Dollar Open Houses as My Own Buffet

And was only mildly humiliated in the process.
Nick Greene

‘50 Shades of Charcoal’ Is the Food Festival We Definitely Didn’t Ask For

Who doesn’t love a good “house-made charcoal sangria?”
Ian Burke
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A 'Totally Unlivable' House Near Silicon Valley Just Sold for $1.2 Million

The condemned home in the San Jose area had buyers lining up, cash in hand.
Harry Cheadle