How British Schools Fell for American-Style Proms

A Welsh school's appeal for donated dresses has highlighted the issue of prom’s affordability at a time when UK child poverty rates reach record highs.
Louis Staples

Fruit and Veg in Schools ‘Frequently Inedible,’ Report Finds

According to the Soil Association, produce provided for state primary school children is poor quality and high in pesticide residue.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Almost 100,000 more women than men applying to uni, study shows.
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parkland shooting

People Who Actually Work in American Schools Don't Want Armed Teachers

As a product of Florida's school system, I hate to think of who might be attracted to teaching if we paid them extra to have guns. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks it's a bad idea.
Allie Conti
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The Republicans' Plan to Stop Mass Shootings: Nothing

As survivors called for gun control, Trump made vague noises about "mental health".
Harry Cheadle
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We Asked Teachers About Pop Culture’s Worst Teachers

‘Yoda. He was always so cryptic.’
Noel Ransome
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Teen Sold Jewish Center Bomb Threats on Dark Web, FBI Says

The 19-year-old arrested for the wave of JCC bomb scares was allegedly charging as little as $30 for each threat, racking up nearly $240,000 for his services.
Drew Schwartz
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Four Students Were Suspended for Liking a Racist Instagram Post

Now the California students are suing the school district, arguing it overstepped by punishing them for using free speech off campus.
Allie Conti

How a Lunch Program Is Changing At-Risk Students' Lives

"Most of the men in my life get shot," a ten-year-old girl tells me over a meal at her Baltimore school, where a lunch buddy program has helped disadvantaged students show dramatic improvement in the classroom.
Rachel Anne Warren

Schools in the UK Are Teaching That Same-Sex Relationships Are Sinful, and Ofsted Are Praising Them

At least 27 schools in Britain use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) syllabus, which teaches that evolutionary science is a lie and homosexuality is immoral.
Martin Williams
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Why Does Homophobia Persist in Schools?

In this week's VICE podcast we talk about ACE schools, a network of evangelical Christian schools in the UK that teach that same-sex relationships are a sin.
VICE Staff

We Spoke to the Woman Who Designed a 3D-printed Clitoris

The model can be used in schools to teach kids more about sexual pleasure instead of simply how the genitals work.
Paul Douard