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Haggis and Chow Mein Collide at Seattle's Gung Haggis Fat Choy

The annual dinner celebrates Chinese New Year and Burns Night, both of which tend to fall around the same time.
C. E. Bick

Brexit Food Shortages Could Have Serious Repercussions for Scotland's Island Communities

We spoke to residents of Orkney and the Outer Hebrides to learn how they're prepping for a potential hard Brexit.
Chris McCall
Burns Night

Making a Vegan Haggis Is as Hard as It Sounds

The traditional Scottish dish might involve sheep’s innards and suet, but Edinburgh chef Nives Arosio swears her lentil-based version is just as good.
Elettra Antognetti

‘Reggae Burns’ Night Is the Caribbean Way to Celebrate Scotland’s National Poet

Brian Austin, Tobago-born owner of The Rum Shack in Glasgow, pipes in a plantain-covered haggis for his Caribbean-inspired Burns Night dinner.
Kamila Rymajdo

This Kitchen Smells Like Bacon and Pine Needles

Welcome to Edinburgh Food Studio, where two of the world's greatest smells combine.
Edith Salminen

Scottish Food Producers Are Surprisingly Chill About Brexit

According to a new report from the Bank of Scotland, half of the country's producers are confident their industry will grow, despite the disruption caused by Brexit.
Phoebe Hurst

Why Scottish Restaurants Make Marina O'Loughlin Cringe

My home country’s reputation as being culinarily challenged has not been achieved without putting in the work. Scottish restaurants have a way to go until they’re no longer the punchline.
Marina O'Loughlin

Why Everything You Know About Scottish Food Might Be a Myth

From the whisky sold in foreign liquor stores to tartan-boxed shortbread clutched by Edinburgh tourists, we’re told that Scotland’s food is rooted in history. But many traditional dishes aren’t as “Scottish” as we might think.
Ben Reade