Bad Things

The Most Upsetting Noises From the BBC's Sound Effects Archive

We help you navigate the newly available trove, from "Rats scampering & scraping" to "​Woman, two screams as at apparition."
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Fan's Scream When Drake Brought Out Nicki in Paris Is Poetry

This is probably the only good thing to come out of everyone holding up their phones at shows.
Lauren O'Neill
YouTube Channel of the Week

YouTube Channel of the Week #16: Theme Park Review

These guys just ride rollercoasters all the time. I want to ride rollercoasters all the time. This is bullshit.
Joe Bish
YouTube Channel of the Week

YouTube Channel of the Week #7: Silver Drizzle & Qadoshezkaton

Two diametrically opposed music channels, bound in a desire to share.
Joe Bish

'Exploding Head Syndrome' Is Keeping Me Awake at Night and I Don't Know Why

According to the specialist I spoke to, being awoken by loud noises in the night is common among students and psychiatric patients Weirdly, the loud noises only seem to exist in my brain.
Michael Segalov
VICE vs Video games

What Can Be Done About Gaming’s Culture of Distrust?

Developers have turned on journalists, who are apparently waging a war against gamers, so how can we make a brighter future for what we hold dear?
Mike Diver

Is Joey Essex Clubland's True Tastemaker?

What sway does the cheeky chappy and professional Essex boy have over UK dance music?
Josh Baines

The Terrors in LA's 'Existential Haunted House' Are Inside Your Own Head

Because reminders of your mortality are spooktacular!
Justin Caffier
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

DMX Finds Redemption in Triumphant Return to the Slingshot Roller Coaster to Yell, Not Scream

DMX shares the video "DMX Vs The Slingshot 2: Redemption, A Message From X."
Kyle Kramer