A Brief History of That Kickass Flute Sample on Future’s “Mask Off”

The surprising story starts at an MLK-themed musical, goes to Atmosphere and ends up at... Swedish rap?
Phil Witmer

Rare Photos of American Civil Rights Activism from the 60s

'North of Dixie: Civil Rights Photography Beyond the South' focuses on places where the fight against discrimination has been ignored by the history books.
Chase Hall

This Town Is Trying Desperately to Put Nappies on Horses

The city of Selma passed a law in 2013 requiring horse owners to diaper their horses in order to cut down on the amount of poop in the streets, but almost no one is following it.
Harry Cheadle
the vice reader

Something Nice to Do: An Interview with Renata Adler

We met one of the most fearless writers of our time to talk about her new collection of essays, Selma versus 'Selma,' and the many absurdities of a life of letters.
Catherine Lacey

Fifty Years After Selma, Civil Rights in Alabama Are Still in Rough Shape

You'd think that by now Alabama would be tired of being the state where marginalised Americans have to demand their dignity the loudest.
Mike Pearl

Why Are Movie Awards So Much Better Than Music Awards?

Why do music industry awards shows regularly ignore albums and artists beloved by knowledgeable music fans? Here are a few theories.
John Norris
This Week in Racism

Is It Possible to Make the Academy Awards More Diverse?

The Academy snubbed minority actors and filmmakers this year, but the problem runs deeper than black faces not holding little gold statues.
Dave Schilling
From Sea to Shining Sea

Selma and Louise

“They all have guns round here but none of them can shoot straight.”
Conor Creighton, Photos: Kendall Waldman