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A 'Top Gun' Sequel Is Coming and There's Nothing You Can Do About It

Apparently Tom Cruise still feels the need... the need for speed!
VICE Staff

'Independence Day: Resurgence' Is 90s Nostalgia at Its Absolute Worst

The 'Independence Day' sequel is an embarrassing relic of 90s that also manages to destroy anything good about the era.
J. W. McCormack
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An Oral History of 'Trainspotting', Twenty Years On

Ewan McGregor, Kelly MacDonald and Irvine Welsh talk about the book, the filming of the movie, the backlash and the sequel.
Daniel Dylan Wray

It’s Now Seven Years Since This Guy Ate Nothing But Raw Meat

We checked in with Derek Nance, the guy who fixed his health problems with fat and vital organs.
Julian Morgans

A Girl Copied My Nutella-Only Diet and Called Me a Pussy

I ate nothing but Nutella for a week and wrote about how shitty it was. Later, this girl tried it and said it was easy. I called her to disagree.
David Allegretti
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The ‘Destiny’ Sequel Needs to Actually Reward Our Curiosity

Months on, Bungie's shooter continues to be a game of incredible unfulfilled potential. Will the unannounced but inevitable sequel deliver?
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

Celebrate the Long-Lost 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Sequel with 18 Takes on the Original Cover Design

In honor of Harper Lee's recently unearthed sequel 'Go Set a Watchman,' see modern takes on the original novel's cover design.
Becky Chung