sex and relationships

sex and relationships

How to Deal with Your Boyfriend's Excessive Pre-Cum

It's OK, everyone gushes.
Bethy Squires
14 hours ago
sex and relationships

People Are Having More Sex in Gyms Than You'd Think

After a Virgin Active health club emailed its members saying it would be sending in undercover police to check for "inappropriate behaviour", we spoke to some men about cruising in health clubs.
Nick Levine
5 days ago
sex and relationships

The Problem with Right Wing Men On Dating Apps

There's been plenty of debate recently about left-wingers automatically rejecting right-wing men because of their politics. What hasn't really been mentioned is how unpleasant those men can be.
Ruchira Sharma
sex and relationships

The Ins and Outs of Topping as a Trans Girl

I'm not into topping – but plenty of other trans women are. I asked some (and a few straight guys who bottom) what it's like for them.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

The Story of the Couple Who Shagged in an MRI Machine for Science

In 1991 scientists created an internal image of the human body during sex. The image is pretty wild.
Julian Morgans

From Seth Cohen to the Hot Priest: A Cultural History of the Softboi

From Willoughby in 'Sense and Sensibility', through Seth Cohen and Aziz Ansari in 'Master of None', the softboi has always been there – it's just that he only recently got his name.
Morwenna Ferrier
sex and relationships

How Male Rape Survivors Grapple with Their Masculinity

From beefing up in the gym to pummeling drink and drugs, male-on-male assault creates specific ripple effects.
David Hillier
sex and relationships

I Went on 500 Dates and Learned Something Unexpected About Love

Comedian Rebecca Northan has gone on hundreds of dates as part of her globetrotting show "Blind Date".
Tabi Jackson Gee
sex and relationships

We Asked People If They Ever Used Emojis to Get Laid

" If I had to pick, the water droplet emoji probably does it for me."
Kumba Kpakima

The A to Z of Softbois

From the one who makes you watch Wes Anderson on his floor mattress, to the sixth former you babysat who can now roll his own cigarettes.
Iona Erskine
Are You Getting Any?

Are You Getting Any? I Lost Interest in Sex Until I Started Dating Women

This 22-year-old went from being engaged to a man to feeling asexual, to finally finding happiness in being intimate with women.
Nana Baah
Save Yourselves

A Guide to Sex Toys That Don't Totally Ruin the Planet

I put the best eco-friendly sex toys to the test, from solar-powered vibrators and low-airmile wands to, erm, a giant wooden dildo.
Helen Meriel Thomas