Sex Ed


What 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Wishes He Learned in Sex Ed

The Fab Five member opens up about his first intimate experiences and the kinds of sexual misconceptions he's been working to unlearn.


Hitting the A-Spot Feels so Good

They don't teach this in school. But they should.


Virgins On What They Think Sex Is Like

"I have quite realistic expectations, but there’s also that part of you that wants it to be a big deal: all your female ancestors stand in a line and congratulate you and shake your hand, you know?”


Women Talk About the First Time They Watched Porn

"I remember copying the noises they made, thinking it was hot."


Porn Is Teaching Us How to Do Sex

Schools won't, so sex workers, porn distributors, and erotic artists are stepping up to educate their fans about the basics of sex ed.


Photos of Artisanal Dildos at a Sexual Health Expo

In this installment of First-Person Shooter, we gave some disposable cameras to sex toy shop owner Zoë Ligon before she attended a sexual health expo.


The Video Series That's Updating Sex Ed for the YouTube Generation

AMAZE is sex ed for digitally native teens that's as inclusive as it is fun.


The Sex Ed They Should Have Taught You at School

Because we all know what a great job schools are currently doing.


We Spoke to the Woman Who Designed a 3D-printed Clitoris

The model can be used in schools to teach kids more about sexual pleasure instead of simply how the genitals work.


It's a Travesty That BDSM Isn't Technically Legal

By foregoing legal recognition of American BDSM players, we don't just deny their rights, we deny their personhood.


Fight for Your (Reproductive) Rights: An Interview with Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood

"When politicians put their own politics ahead of the health and well-being of women, that's when you run into trouble."