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Why the 'Pokémon Go' Ban on Sex Offenders Makes No Sense

Look at the research on sex offenders' recidivism, and you'll find little evidence of a Poké-predator problem.


The Faulty Test Used to Punish Sex Offenders

Penile plethysmography tests aren't always accurate, but failing one can be devastating for those forced to use them.


Inside the Florida Trailer Park for Convicted Sex Offenders

A new film shines light on one of the few places in America intended for sex criminals.


Why Sex Criminals Get Locked Up Forever

Even after serving decades-long sentences, sex offenders are often held indefinitely in prison-like conditions – a situation that critics say is legally and ethically dubious.


How My Tweets Led to Notorious Sex Offender Owen Labrie Going to Jail

The former St. Paul's student was out on bail after his conviction last summer. Then I ran into him on the train and got mixed up in his case in a way I could never have imagined.


I Married a Sex Offender

What it's like to avoid schools, get hassled when you travel, and decide not to have children because of your partner's crime.


Guam Will Allow Some Sex Offenders to Walk Free if They Agree to Chemical Castration

Critics see the Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Act as a showy reaction to rape statistics.


Can We Ever Change Our Attitudes Towards Paedophiles?

With her film Daniel's World, Veronika Liskova explores the struggle for acceptance in a society that sees no difference between active offenders and those – like her subject – who are seeking help to never act on their desires.


Revisiting the Strange, Tragic Murder of Two Children at a North Dakota Indian Reservation

The violent deaths of Travis DuBois Jr. and his sister, Destiny Shaw, in 2011 point to larger programmes on the impoverished reservation.


Does New York Need a Public Terrorist Registry?

Forget a repeat sex offender – you may have an Islamic State sympathiser living nearby!


Why Are So Many Sex Offenders Getting Murdered in California's Prisons?

One inmate says that prison gangs and even guards team up to assault and sometimes kill sex offenders.


​Should America Have a Public Child Abuse Registry?

A Michigan woman wants to publicly name and shame people who mistreat kids, but there are always pitfalls to such schemes.