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How Three Teen Sisters Were Allegedly Groomed into NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere's 'Sex Cult'

The self-help guru presented himself as a genius tutor and mentor who could help them deal with their parents' separation.
Sarah Berman
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Sex Workers Are Having Their Earnings Confiscated in Trafficking Stings

Raids – or "welfare visits" – carried out by police are supposedly conducted for safety, but they're harming sex workers and failing to identify genuine victims.
Jake Hall
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NXIVM President and Heiress Arrested for Allegedly Running Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and other so-called "sex cult" insiders have been charged with racketeering conspiracy.
Sarah Berman

Courts Are Rarely Kind to 'Brainwashed' Victims

Months ahead of the NXIVM sex trafficking trial, we take a look at how juries react to cults.
Sarah Berman
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Sex Workers Are Protesting FOSTA/SESTA Across the US

Trump signed the controversial bill into law in April.
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A BDSM Educator Tells Us Why NXIVM Sex Cult Allegations Aren’t Consensual Kink

Based on what we know from court docs and former members, Keith Raniere’s women “slaves” probably weren’t in a position to give full consent.
Sarah Berman

A Cult Expert Tells Us Why the NXIVM Story Is Far From Over

Federal charges against leader Keith Raniere and ‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack won’t change the minds of some die-hard followers.
Sarah Berman

All the Vancouver Actresses Linked to an Alleged Sex Cult

Nicki Clyne, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park were all active students of Keith Raniere’s self-help empire.
Sarah Berman

Louis Theroux Visited a Trap House for His Latest Documentary

We spoke to Louis about his new trio of films, legalising weed and accidentally playing matchmaker for the Westboro Baptist Church.
Daniel Dylan Wray
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Blow Jobs Are Real Jobs

Thai sex workers are fighting for their right to earn a living.
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky; Photos by Amanda Mustard

New Sex Trafficking Laws in Canada May Make Things Worse for Sex Workers

The Ontario government is gearing up for a concentrated effort at curbing sex trafficking in June, but sex workers are worried that new laws might give police too broad a mandate.
Jake Kivanc

This Pimp's Lawyer Says He's a 'Scumbag' But Not a Sex Trafficker

Brooklyn Defense Attorney Howard Greenberg concedes Karmik Grant-Byas has done "despicable" things to women, but says his client did not compel them to perform commercial sex acts against their will.
Alex Zimmerman