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Young people with deposits still cannot buy homes, new research shows.
VICE Staff

That Was Then, This Is Too

The parallels between the experiences of Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford have left many who lived through both wondering what world they’re looking at now.
Danielle Tcholakian

McDonald's Workers Are Going on Strike To Protest Sexual Harassment

Forty percent of women in fast food say they've been sexually harassed.
Hannah Keyser

Why the Walk of Fame Became a Hotbed of Vandalism and Rage

The city councilwoman fighting to axe Donald Trump's Hollywood tribute told us why this battle is about a lot more than a sidewalk.
Drew Schwartz
Noisey News

Gene Simmons Is Now Being Sued for Sexual Battery [Updated]

A lawsuit filed on Friday alleges that Simmons repeatedly made “unwanted, unwarranted sexual advances” during an interview in November.
Alex Robert Ross

How Media and Music Industry Staff Are Reacting to Sexual Assault Allegations

These are the water cooler conversations happening in British offices post-Weinstein.
Hannah Ewens
Noisey News

Björk Has Spoken Out About Her Experiences of Sexual Harassment

"i am inspired by the women everywhere who are speaking up online"
Noisey UK Staff
Harvey Weinstein

The Awful Things Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Did at Miramax

Recent reports of the fallen movie mogul's horrifying conduct are worse than ever – and it's nothing new.
Naveen Kumar

An Expert Explains Why It Would Be So Hard to Sue President Donald Trump

After he enters the White House, Trump acquires a whole lot of immunities.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Why Female Trump Fans Don’t Care About the Sexual Assault Allegations

At a New Hampshire Trump rally, the candidate's supporters are way less worried about the women accusing their candidate of misdeeds than they are about Hillary Clinton ending democracy as we know it.
Livia Gershon
electric forest

Can Female-Only Campgrounds Stop Sexual Assault at Music Festivals?

Electric Forest just launched a new program for female-identifying campers. Will it help keep women safe—or is this victim-blaming?
Sophie Weiner
club culture

Why I Took Off All My Clothes at Arca’s Party in Brooklyn Last Week

Getting naked was my way to reclaim clubbing from the putrid claws of heteronormativity, turning it back into a safe space for artists, weirdos and queers.
Lindsey Leonard