sexual health

sexual health

Remember Crabs? Turns Out They Didn't Disappear Along With Our Pubes

When pubic hair became less fashionable, so did talking about crabs – but they're just as common as they've ever been.
Mark Hay

Bad News: Tongue Kissing May Transmit Gonorrhoea

We spoke to an Australian researcher who recently discovered that the STI can be spread through french kissing.
Mark Wilding

What's Going On with the NHS PrEP Trial in England?

NHS Engalnd delayed plans to fund doubling the trial in size, just days after its announcement – and that may leave people at even greater risk.
Jake Hall
sexual health

These Porn Actors Are Working to Destigmatise HIV

With services under threat and effective sex ed still a myth, HIV+ performers like Hans Berlin and industry activists like Jason Domino are using their platforms to educate and advocate.
Jake Hall

I Tried 'Free Bleeding' and It Wasn't a Total Disaster

Not using tampons for a whole cycle completely changed the way I think about my period.
Aurora Tejeida
sexual health

Sex Workers Can Teach You a Thing Or Two About Sexual Health

We asked some sex workers for their sexual health tips.
Simon Doherty
Sex Ed

What 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Wishes He Learned in Sex Ed

The Fab Five member opens up about his first intimate experiences and the kinds of sexual misconceptions he's been working to unlearn.
Broadly Staff

Exactly How to Tell Your Partner What You Want in Bed

Experts gave us 11 effective ways to communicate about sex.
Stephanie Auteri

We Asked People How Much Porn Is Too Much Porn

When does a little self-love aide become a problem?
Graham Isador
sexual health

Guys, Please Get Your Dicks Checked

Straight men are the worst when it comes to getting regular STI tests, and that needs to change.
Emma Garland
sexual health

HIV Transmission Rates Have Fallen, But We Can't Be Complacent

With government cuts forcing clinics to close or offer fewer appointments, we'll have to work to uphold the hard-fought progress that has been made.
Jake Hall

I Thought I Had Herpes for Two Years

I really should have gotten a second opinion.
Jordan Foisy