Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Please, Soak in this Footage of Sting and Shaggy Singing for the Queen

Bow in the presence of greatness – and the Queen of England.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Sting and Shaggy Have Made an Album Together, and It Probably Slaps

"Don't Make Me Wait," the first single from '44/876,' will help people get pregnant, according to Shaggy.
Alex Robert Ross
we saw this

When Rap, Grime and a Heatwave Collide in the Countryside

Everything I saw while trying to stay hydrated at Cambridge's Strawberries & Creem festival.
Niloufar Haidari
Glastonbury 2017

We Asked Everyone at a Shaggy Gig If It Was Them

Turns out you’re all guilty as hell.
Emma Garland

Mr. Boombastic Returns: Shaggy on Sex, War, and Why the Grammys Don’t Matter

Our conversation with the 47-year-old artist revealed quite a bit: like, for example, did you know that Shaggy fought in the Gulf War?
Larry Fitzmaurice
New music

Premiere: The King's Son feat. Shaggy - "I'm Not Rich"

"Count your blessings," says Mr Boombastic.
Noisey Staff

According to Shaggy (Yes, That Shaggy), We Can Defeat ISIS By Smoking Hella Weed and Listening to Reggae

Mr Lover Lover unveiled his own personal plan to defeat ISIS in a recent interview.
Ryan Bassil

These Are the Only Good Things That've Ever Happened at The Brit Awards

Remember when Ronnie Wood tried, and failed, to chirpse American Beauty star Thora Birch? Ali G performing with Shaggy? Cat Deeley riding a champagne bottle?
Ryan Bassil
Josie Turnbull
Gavin Haynes's Polite Conversation

The Nightmare Interview Before Christmas... Shaggy

Who is going to ask him about his Gulf War service or his work on the official song of the 2007 Cricket World Cup?
Gavin Haynes