Sharia Law


Being Gay in Brunei Is Punishable By Death, Starting Today

Despite global outcry and calls for boycotts, Sultan Hassanal Bolki has shown no sign of reversing the draconian law.


Brunei's New Anti LGBTQ Law Introduces Stoning and Whipping

The law is set to take effect next week.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Second Wife

"I don't think much about his first wife or her feelings. All I care about is being a good wife to my husband."


Exploring the Controversy Around the Government's Inquiry Into Sharia Law in the UK

Before Theresa May became Prime Minister, she ordered an independent inquiry into the uses – and alleged abuses – of Sharia courts in Britain. But months before the report is set to be published, it's already causing a commotion.


How Iranian Women Are Protesting Against Their Country's Strict Dress Code

In Iran, just uploading a photo of yourself without a hijab, or a video of your singing, can be an act of protest.


The Far-Right Australians Fighting Muslims, the Left and Each Other

Inside the schisms and drama of Reclaim Australia.


Meet the Saudi Arabian Black Metal Band Breaking Saudi Law By Being a Black Metal Band

Al-Namrood have never played a live show, because it could result in the entire band being executed.


London Under the Caliphate

Islamic fundamentalist Anjem Choudary takes us on a tour of London, showing us what life would be like if the UK were ruled by Sharia law. Along the way, there is a run in with London Mayor, Boris Johnson.


We Asked an Expert How Islamists Could Actually Take Over the UK

Contrary to this week's Fox News report, literally all of Birmingham is open to non-Muslims. But what would it take for the network's "terrorism expert" to be proved right?


Meet the Filmmaker Who Won a Ten-Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes

We talked to Abderrahmane Sissako about his new film, Timbuktu, a much-lauded humanist drama set against the Sharia occupation of Northern Mali in 2012.


Iran's Fashion Scene Is Blossoming Under Sharia Law

Checking out Tehran's Fajr Fashion Show, where Iranian designers have crafted colorful clothing that still adheres to the country's strict dress codes.


London's Holy Turf War

Meeting the Muslim and Christian patrols battling for London's streets.