Study Finds that Many UK Fish and Chip Shops Sell Endangered Shark Meat

If you’re buying fish called "rock salmon" or "flake," it’s probably shark.


The Best Way to Steal a Shark Is by Pretending It's a Baby, Apparently

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What Eating Shark and Whale in Iceland Taught Me About Ethics

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Australia’s Weirdest Unsolved Murder Began With a Shark Coughing Up a Human Arm

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My Hunt for the 400-Year-Old Shark Whose Flesh Gets You High

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Algorar's Last Days

A short story by Johnny White.


Not All Surfers Are Cool and Fun and Mellow and I am Proof

Do cool, fun, relaxed people like to surf, or does surfing produce cool, fun, relaxed people? Possibly neither.


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The Mexican NGO Getting Sharks and Fishermen to Work Together

Pelagic Life is working to reveal the harm shark fishing does to both the ecosystem and the fishing economy of San Carlos. They want to keep the sharks in the water – and bring the tourists in to see them.


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These Shark-Sized Paintings of Shark Sex Are Vicious

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