Sheppard’s Video Game Pie

    • 11.15.11

      Dark Souls

      The great virtue of Dark Souls' is the sense of ownership it bestows on those who master it.

    • 11.2.11

      Deus Ex: Human Revolution

      I've logged 60 hours on Deus Ex: Human Revolution so far, and I've enjoyed every second

    • 11.1.11


      Vincent is 32 years old and living in a rut. He’s been going out with his girlfriend, Katherine, for five years, but they still live apart.

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    • 8.18.11

      Sheppard's Video Game Pie - Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

      I can think of $15 meals I've enjoyed much less.

    • 8.1.11

      Sheppard’s Video Game Pie

      F.E.A.R. 3 is a horror-themed co-op shooter featuring two main characters: Pointman, the nameless protagonist from the first game, who has the ability to slow down time, and Paxton Fettel, Pointman’s dead brother, a ghost who can blast, levitate...

    • 7.25.11

      Sheppard’s Video Game Pie

      The new Mortal Kombat, which is technically the ninth of the franchise, is almost everything I want from an MK game.

    • 6.13.11

      Sheppard's Video Game Pie - From Dust

      From Dust is a decent short god sim that would really benefit from being much larger and running on the next generation of game hardware.

    • 5.1.11

      Sheppard’s Video Game Pie

      Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy (yeah, that’s the actual title) is the prequel and follow-up to 2009’s Dissidia Final Fantasy, a 3-D fighting game that featured characters from each installment of Square Enix’s long-running Final Fantasy JRPGs.

    • 4.1.11

      Mass Effect 2

      MASS EFFECT 2 Mass Effect 2 is a science fiction third-person shooter with roleplaying elements, those being six character classes that all play differently, a variety of selectable powers as you level up, squad mates who follow...